About The Faithful Wanderer

A woman hiker gazing up a slope, back-lit by the sun.When we became Christ followers, Jesus invited us on a spiritual, life-changing journey. We all follow the same Guide, but we each walk our own unique path. I may be clinging to a badly damaged raft in stormy emotional seas, while you’re strolling across a spring meadow.

I hope the Faithful Wanderer becomes a temporary resting place for many of my fellow travelers. Come sit by a warm fire and relax; enjoy a nourishing tasty meal and stop by as often as you like. My heart is to encourage my fellow wanderers on their journey. Each path has several unexpected twists, but often I can offer practical help and insight. I’ve traveled some of the more difficult trails myself.

A woman hiker with a blue backpack on a rocky mountain trail.On my own walk with the Shepherd, I’ve often been fearful, stubborn, lazy and rebellious—but I’ve learned to trust Him. So I’ll tell stories about the One we follow; about Jesus’ healing touch, the Father’s tender heart, and the Holy Spirit’s gentle nudges. We are the Trinity’s “passionate hobby”—called to be sons and daughters who reflect His goodness in this world.

This isn’t a blog about a perfect life; this is a blog about an awesome, loving Savior we can trust and follow, even in the darkest places.

Maureen Hall Puccini  A male backpacker walking on a path through a meadow.

(Images by Pixabay.com)


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