Be My Rock of Refuge (Psalm 71:3)

A Very Secure Place to Be

If this were the only entrance into my fortress, I could easily protect myself from any armies trying to attack. Do you want to know my first line of defense?

I’d spread soapy water or some other slippery liquid on those stairs leading up to the doorway.

Cheyenne Mountain, the Home of NORAD

The most secure, man-made military base in the United States is in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The U.S. government has hollowed out a mountain and built a small underground city, including living quarters, a small hospital, a chapel, a weight room and a complex communications center which constantly receives satellite and other real-time data.. It’s an air force base underground, housing over 1,000 military personal.

One of it’s nicknames is “America’s Fortress.” NORAD is designed to survive “the worst day in American history” and keep functioning, providing vital information to the President.

Protected by 2,500 feet of granite, with 25-ton blast doors, this facility monitors threats to the United States—including incoming missiles. Cheyenne Mountain has its own huge water supply, and when sealed, it is thought to be highly resistant to nuclear bombs, biological weapons and destructive electromagnetic enemy attacks.

In America, the most sophisticated, technological country in history, we still hide ourselves “in the rock.”

The Very Safest Refuge

For everyone—non-Christians too—the very safest place to be is in the will of our Lord Jesus.

Be my rock of refuge, to which I can always go;
give the command to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress. (Psalm 71:3 NIV)

Jesus does not always lead us where we want to go, but He does go with us and He alone can keep us safe.

My meme image came from and the only key words attached to the original image is “fortress” and “Bergsteig.” I haven’t been able to find out the history attached to these ancient ruins, but it looks pretty secure to me.

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Here are two articles on the U.S. most secure military complex:

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