My Favorite Nickname for Jesus

A Personal Name for Jesus

My favorite nickname for the Lord is contained in this new meme. It’s not found in the Bible, but it’s absolutely true.

             He is Christ the Life-changer.

My interior emotional life has been completely transformed since I started walking with Jesus. I am far from perfect—but I am also far from the woman I used to be.

So, in my heart, I call Him “Christ the Life-changer.”


To me, there is probably no greater transformation than the butterfly’s. Inside the cocoon, most of the caterpillar’s body dissolves, accept for groups of cells called imaginal discs. These discs later develop into the butterfly’s wings, eyes and so forth, using the protein-rich “caterpillar soup” to form these new adult structures.

That’s why I used an image of a hatching butterfly for my meme.

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