Surprised by God’s Answer

An Unexpected Answer to Prayer

Underneath a blue and white umbrella, sprinkled with raindrops.  

As a baby Christian at Michigan State, I found myself praying for an impossibility. Always before, I had shared my prayer requests with more established student believers. I trusted in their level of faith to move God on my behalf.

But this time, I couldn’t run to anyone else, because I had a secret I couldn’t share. Yet I needed God to answer and move powerfully within my family.

I had just enough faith to pray and ask Him. I didn’t honestly believe anything would change—but everything did! God granted my request and I was equally stunned and excited.

Last Thought

Sometimes we have the faith to “move mountains” and sometimes our level of faith won’t even move dust. I’ve learned to ask even when my faith feels microscopic. God’s the One who hears me and chooses when to answer.

After all, microscopic faith is still faith, and the Almighty has a tender heart toward His children.

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