What is God Disturbed About?

During These Troubling Times is God Disturbed?

A "Please do not disturb" sign"This has been a chaotic season, both politically and culturally. Donald Trump came out of left field and is now our President. Who would have predicted that three years ago?

No one.

People are outraged, stirred up, hopeful or fearful. Immigrants and Muslims are experiencing a more hostile environment. Bullying is on the rise. Many American families have been damaged because of opposing political views between relatives.

And in the midst of all the hate, anger and bitterness, I’ve resolved to build more bridges toward people on the other side of the political spectrum.

But there’s one important question for me as a Christian to consider.

Does my heart mirror Jesus’ heart? Do the things that break His heart break mine?

What Disturbs God?

Is God disturbed about the Gay agenda?

No—He grieves that these people are going to be separated from Him for all eternity and His adopted sons and daughters don’t even care enough to pray for them.

Is God disturbed about the violence and sex displayed on TV and in the movies by Hollywood?

No—just brokenhearted that His followers happily entertain themselves by drenching their minds and viewing degraded, sinful acts week after week.

Is God disturbed about the U.S. economy?

No—He’s sorrowful about the indifference His children show toward people poorer than they are and their lack of trust in Him to provide what they need. 

Is God disturbed about what the President of the United States or congress or the courts might do in the near future?

No—He is sovereign and aware of everything that happens in our world. He can even use sinful people’s choices to fulfill His will. Sometimes He lifts up a nation and sometimes He humbles it. Either is a good thing when it comes from the hand of the One who loves us.

Remember, comfort is not on our Lord’s agenda; growing us up to reflect His divine nature is. He will use any tool to accomplish that purpose.

Becoming Salt and Light

Being salt and light in this world means drawing people toward Christ. To do that, we must clearly reflect His heart for all people—not just the people whose agenda we approve of. We need to both stand for God’s eternal truth and yet keep our hearts soft toward those who presently hate and despise us.

So how have you reflected Christ this week? Feel free to share your thoughts in my comments section below.

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