The Yellow Door of Temptation

The Yellow Door

Satan certainly knows how to bait his hook, doesn’t he? Here are seven different doors. Yet that painted yellow door is the one drawing me. If I were standing in that room, that’s the door I would want to open.

Beside the yellow door, the six identical white doors hold no appeal at all; I’m totally uninterested in any of them.

The Holy Spirit’s Doors

In contrast to the yellow door, the doors the Holy Spirit wants me to step through aren’t particularly inviting. Some seem dull. Other doors call me to lay down something I desperately want to keep, like wrong attitudes, wasteful habits or unhealthy relationships. Some of His doors scare me or hurt my pride. Others are emotionally upsetting to open.

For instance, one door Jesus wants all His people to walk through is labeled “Forgiveness.” The Spirit keeps nudging us again and again to forgive our enemies—and our friends too. Christians seem to resist walking through this door more than any other.

“They don’t deserve my forgiveness; look how they treated me!” we cry.

But forgiveness isn’t for our enemies. Forgiving blesses us. It’s the key which enables us to heal from the emotional wounds of the past.

Knowing this, the Devil offers us other doors right beside “Forgiveness” marked “Stay Bitter” “Indulge in Self-Pity” or “Hate and Stay Angry.”

The Devil’s Doors

We never know what we will lose or gain when we walk through a door. We make a choice, turn the knob and step onto an unknown path. The Devil’s doors tend to look exciting. They promise fulfillment, popularity, success or an escape from pain, worry or shame.

Let me give you some good advice. Beware of opening any door if the thought crosses your mind, “I know I shouldn’t, but…”

The Devil damages our lives by tempting us into making wrong choices.

10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.  (John 10:10 RSV)

The Devil can destroy Christians, but only if we help him! Almost all the destruction in our lives occurs when we choose to walk through his doors, instead of God’s.

Don’t open the enemy’s doors. His doors will lead only to pain and a wasted, ruined life.

Jesus’ doors lead ultimately to fulfillment, freedom and the abundant life He promises.

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