Pit Dweller-Part 1

It’s like a sinkhole. You’re strolling along, enjoying the sunshine, when suddenly the ground collapses under your feet. Your life plunges into a dark pit and the sun’s blotted out.

My darkest journey began in December 2012, when my only brother attempted suicide. An ambulance rushed him to a Burn Center ICU in Detroit.

A woman's fearful face, staring out from the dark.The medical staff kept him alive for five days, but the damage to his body was too great.

On Dec 24th, I put Chris on Comfort Care. He continued breathing by respirator and remained sedated on high doses of painkillers. But the nurses quietly discontinued the procedures which kept his body functioning.

He died two hours later, on Christmas Eve.

Those five days in 2012 changed me forever. Come with me on this journey; I can promise you it won’t be depressing, because Jesus’ light shines in the darkest places.

He walks with pit dwellers too.

This image was created by “geralt.” Like all other images in this series, it comes from Pixabay.com.

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