Microscopic Faith is Still Faith

Tonight, I’m keeping it simple.

Feel free to share this meme with anyone you like. If the words seem familiar it’s because I recycled them from an earlier October post, called “Surprised by God’s Answer.”

Microscopic faith meme. A series of brick archways curving away.

Sometimes we have the faith to “move mountains” and sometimes our level of faith won’t even move dust. Let’s pray even when our faith feels microscopic. After all, microscopic faith is still faith and the Almighty has a tender heart toward His children.

God Responds to People with Very Little Faith

Here are two scriptural examples of people who God answered, even though their faith was almost non-existent.

An Old Testament example:

The prophet Ezekiel was asked by God if he believed that a valley full of dried bones could live again. His true answer? No. Surrounded by the remains of a defeated army, Ezekiel only had enough faith to obey. He spoke to the bones, saying aloud the words God gave him. As the prophet spoke, God raised a vast army of men to life again. (Ezekiel 37:1-14).

A New Testament example:

A father came to Jesus, desperate to save his son from a demon which tormented him. The “traveling miracle worker” this man had heard of was his last hope. Rebuked for his lack of faith, the grieving dad cried out, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief.” In response, Jesus cast out the demon from his son forever (Mark 9:16-29).

The prophet only had enough faith to obey; the father only had enough faith to find Jesus and ask for help. In both cases, the Lord answered and rocked their world.

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 Author’s notes:

Because of the Christmas holiday, I will be publishing my next post a few days early, on Thursday night.


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