There is no Panic in Heaven

God never worries because He is truly in control.

“There is no panic in Heaven. God has no problems, only plans.” (Corrie ten Boom)

A sea in turmoil is the perfect backdrop for this quote.

The One Who Knows Us

I don’t believe God is ever disappointed in you or in me.


Because He has absolutely no “false expectations.” The Lord knew every cruel, evil or ugly thing you would ever do, say or think, before your ancestors were born 2000 years ago.

He chose each of us to become His spiritual sons and daughters, with no illusions about who He’d invited to enjoy His “kingdom of light” for all eternity.

Showing Me My Sin

Once the Holy Spirit revealed a personal sin I didn’t know that I had. My immediate gut-level response? Shame. “Lord, how can you love me, when I’m guilty of this?”

Upset, I forgot that only one of us was surprised. My all-seeing Redeemer has always known.

Is the Lord stunned by our sin? No, I don’t think so.

But He does grieve.

Drawing us into a sinful lifestyle is the Devil’s method for wounding people and destroying lives. Often a parent’s bad choices will damage their children and continue to have a bad effect on later generations.

100% in Control

But nothing catches God the Father by surprise.

The Holy Spirit never has to improvise or scramble to deal with some sudden earthly or heavenly “emergency.”

And the Son sees clearly the unfolding plan of God the Father.

Peacefully Asleep on a Stormy Sea

One night, the twelve apostles found themselves stuck on a lake during a bad storm. The four experienced fishermen, who had once fished every night on the Sea of Galilee, looked worried. Finally, as the boat started filling with water, someone woke Jesus, crying, “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?” (Mark 4:35-41 NIV)

Did Jesus yawn and stretch before wandering up on deck? Did He calmly look at the howling wind and the towering waves threatening to swamp the boat? Did He speak those three words in a quiet, ordinary voice, when He calmed the raging sea?


And perhaps after calming the storm, Jesus went back to bed and finished his nap.

When you’re 100% in control of everything, there’s no need to ever panic; and please remember, we belong to Him.

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